LAT V-Twin 20w50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

LAT V-Twin 20w50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

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LAT’s New Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil was developed especially for V-Twin motorcycle engines, such as Harleys. Formulated for ultimate protection against heat, wear, thermal degradation that helps reduce “oil consumption” due to shear stable polymer.

The oil is a blend of the highest quality Synthetic base oils and special additives which protects against high temperature oxidation, wear, and viscosity breakdown. It is formulated with a special additive that minimizes “spark plug pre-ignition” problems in V-Twin engines.

Appearance – Gold
Viscosity @ 100°C – 18.4
Viscosity @ 40°C – 128
Flash Point °F – 467
Viscosity Index – 161

Note: Some 55 gal drums will need to be ordered in. Please contact us for immediate availability.

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