LAT Racing oils produce specifically designed engine oils according  to your race application. We supply oils for engines from Nitromethane burning engines to Pro Stock applications.



LAT NITRO oils combine a special blend of base oils and additives developed to meet and exceed the tortuous conditions common of Nitro Methane and Alcohol burning engines.



LAT have specially designed a oil for bike riders. Unlike many other oils for motorbikes LAT will work better with the high temperatures and the high engine RPM ranges that motorbikes will reach.


Gear & ATF

Made with synthetic base oil Group IV and Group V, LAT’s synthetic gear oil is designed to provide the highest degree of protection and efficiency for your MTL Transmissions.


Break In Oil

Break in oils are engineered to provide your engine with maximum protection during the most crucial stages of it’s life and to prepare your motor for race conditions.



LAT Oil Additives have been specially designed to assist with producing more horsepower, torque and reliability and most of all will increase fuel consumption rates for your vehicle.


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