LAT Racing Pro ATF

LAT Racing Pro ATF

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HEAT’S NEW WORST ENEMY” LAT Automatic Transmission Fluid is developed specifically to address high heat and friction encountered by Pro Mod and other automatic/converter fit vehicles, LAT PRO ATF’s rapid heat dissipation, minimizes friction and provides a smooth fluid, low heat environment for internal components. Working closely with professional race teams LAT has been able to identify, and blend a unique ATF lubricant using multiple synthetic base oils and a very aggressive additive package. This new and highly refined ATF has proven in real time track conditions to reduce fluid and internal component operating temperatures, minimize wear and provide reliable, consistent pressure readings. Available in 1 and 5 gallon pales.

Designed to provide the highest degree of protection and efficiency for your driveline. LAT Racing Gear Oils are made with synthetic base oil Group IV and Group V to provide excellent protection under extreme conditions. LAT Racing Gear Oil does NOT contain limited-slip additive.

Note: Some 55 gal drums will need to be ordered in. Please contact us for immediate availability.

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